Useful Resources

To broaden your perspective about organ transplant patients and what they go through, here are some of the good reads on the subject.

“Never Say Never: A Life of Challenges”

In his memoir, Gary Klausner gives readers a glimpse of what it is like to have cystic fibrosis (a genetic disease that destroys the digestive and respiratory systems) and the challenges he had gone through since he was a young boy.

Thanks to his resilience and “never say never” attitude, Klausner has lived long enough to tell his motivating and inspiring tale of strength and survival amid tough times. He even came to a point when he risked leaving his family behind in hopes of getting a double lung transplant, unsure if he would come back in one piece. Klausner got his second lease on life after receiving his needed transplant in 1998.

“The Power of Two”

A documentary directed by Marc Smolowitz, “The Power of Two” is about the battle of twin sisters Anabel Stenzel and Isabel Stenzel Byrnes against cystic fibrosis and how they were able to beat all odds after surviving double lung transplants.

Today, the twins are international advocates for organ donation, and they have been working hard to inspire change in their home country, Japan, where the culture is resistant to the idea of organ donation and transplantation.

National Kidney Foundation

This is the go-to site for patients suffering from kidney diseases and their families in the United States. The Foundation fosters awareness by disseminating information about prevention and treatment of kidney problems.

Fifty Years of Organ Transplants: The Successes and the Failures

A journal authored by David Kaserman offers an in-depth look into the highs and lows of organ transplants and the key driving factors that influence the successes and failures.