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What’s your organ donation/transplant story? Share your story and inspire millions of people. We would love to hear about what you have to say, whether you are a patient who survived through an organ transplant or a donor (or a family of a donor) who wants to encourage others to support this advocacy.

Here at Transplant Awareness, you can help promote the culture of donating organs to save lives. We welcome contributions in the form of personal stories, advice, letter of support, and any content that will bring positive change in the community.

Please consider these guidelines before you submit your story to us:

  • Make sure that your piece will be something that our readers will find interesting and useful to their lives. Our target readers include transplant patients and their families, healthcare professionals, future organ donors, and organ donation advocates.
  • Keep your piece light, positive, and enlightening.
  • Keep your article length to 500-700 words.
  • Make sure that any data you provide is accurate and vetted. We are against spreading misinformation about organ transplants and donation.
  • Your article should not have been published elsewhere on the internet.
  • We do not pay a fee to our contributors, as we are not a profit-oriented group.
  • Contact us to notify the Transplant Awareness team about your intention to contribute to our site before writing your piece.