the different types of sleep apnea pillow

Sleep Apnea Pillow: What It Is and How It Works

Sleep apnea is a disorder wherein you experience pauses in breathing or obstructive shallow breaths while asleep. Although sleep apnea is often undiagnosed and is more common amongst obese people and men, the disorder can affect anyone from any age group.

There are several ways which can treat, manage or stop sleep apnea altogether. One of which is to use of a sleep apnea pillow.

benefits of a sleep apnea pillow

What Is a Sleep Apnea Pillow?

A sleep apnea pillow is considered a medical pillow which is recommended by doctors for sufferers of mild sleep apnea to treat it before it escalates to a more severe degree.

The pillow has a wedge design and it is more firm than the average pillow, which helps support the neck and head in such a way that it keeps your airways or air passageways open.

Long disruptive and obstructive snoring can be a result of a blocked throat or air passageway and this is what a sleep apnea pillow intends to treat.

How Does a Sleep Apnea Pillow Works?

Are you yourself suffering from sleep apnea? Is your sleep apnea still on the mild level? Are you considering the use of a sleep apnea pillow?

This section explains how the medical pillow works.

The special figure or wedge design of the sleep apnea pillow adapts to your personal and individual sleeping needs as it helps keep your throat and other airways open.

It is designed to raise the neck and head to diminish stresses on the throat and soft palate. It elevates the upper body which significantly reduces obstructive breathing while asleep. The medical pillow distributes the weight of the torso in such a way that there will be much less strain on the arms, neck and shoulders. In this manner, the head, neck and spine are kept better aligned to keep a normal state of aperture of air passageways during sleep.

While the sleep apnea pillow is essentially designed to treat apnea as the name suggests, it also helps alleviate back and neck pain which you may be experiencing due to poor posture.

the different types of sleep apnea pillow

What Are the Different Types of Sleep Apnea Pillow?

Memory Foam Apnea Pillow

A memory foam apnea pillow is considered the best of the different types of sleep apnea pillows. The reason is because these pillows aid in the sleeping posture which is specific or particular to a certain individual. It is very adaptive and can accommodate differences in sleeping postures.

This pillow comes in different brands, designs and styles.

For Back Sleepers

The apnea pillow for back sleepers will usually appear to be a regular rectangular pillow only it has indentations on both sides. This type allows for the head and neck to be properly aligned so your jaws are kept shut to make you breathe normal through the nasal passages.

For Side Sleepers

The apnea pillow for side sleepers is large U-shape. The purpose of this is to prevent you from rolling onto your back while sleeping. As you sleep more on your side than on your back, your tongue and soft palate are prevented from moving and thus prevents you from snoring too much.

Ultimately, apnea pillows can be very beneficial if your case of apnea is mild and manageable. Check out Sleepinghamster’s pillow review for more information and recommendations.