Preparing for the National Donor Sabbath: A Training Program for Religious Groups

Are you a faith leader who is tasked to mobilize your community to take action for helping organ transplants in the country survive through organ donation? You may want to consider to go through the training program of Transplant Awareness that aims to educate clergymen in handling any activity such as seminars and conferences for promoting organ donation.

The critical role of religious leaders

Because organ donation is a major life-changing decision, people turn to their religious leaders for guidance and advice. These leaders have the responsibility of organizing and leading discussions of concerns and information about organ donation. They may also sponsor or conduct activities such as donor registrations and meetings to help the community help transplant patients through organ donation. Thus, it is highly important for clergymen to be knowledgeable about organ donation and transplant.

What is the National Donor Sabbath?

The National Donor Sabbath is celebrated every November before Thanksgiving. It is the time when faith communities all over America gather to participate in events that focus on the necessity for critical organs and tissues.

The Organ Donation Training Program

Transplant Awareness recognizes the valuable role that religious leaders play in the National Donor Sabbath as well as the information drive about organ donation in their respective religious groups.

This is why we have come up with a program that consists of a series of training for leaders of all religious groups before they participate in the annual donor Sabbath celebration. Conducted by healthcare experts, transplant survivors/organ recipients, and organ donation advocacy leaders, faith leaders will get a holistic view of the need for organs and tissues for transplant.

Are you interested in joining the training program before attending the National Donor Sabbath? Here are the specifics you need to know.

  • Who can join: Leaders of any religious group, ministry, congregation, and house of worship from across America
  • Training schedule: October 2-6, 2017, 9 am to 6 pm
  • Venue: To be announced on the Transplant Awareness site soon
  • Training scope: Overview of organ and tissue donation, national statistics and data about organ transplants and donation, various techniques and tools for communicating the need for organ donation, how to influence your community about the benefits of organ donation, and more
  • Training fee: This week-long training will be offered at no cost. However, the transportation expenses to and from the training venue shall be shouldered by the participant or the group he or she is affiliated with.