Transplant Awareness Launches Slogan and Logo Design Contest for Promotional Pins

Transplant Awareness, a nonprofit organization that promotes organ and tissue donation in the United States, recently announced that it will hold its first ever slogan and logo design contest for a new set of promotional pins that will be added to the product catalog of Transplant Awareness.

Contest theme

The contest will have the theme “The Role of Organ Donors in Giving Hope and Saving Lives in America.” All entries are expected to reflect the essence of the theme set by Transplant Awareness.

The contest is open to all college students who have the artistic skills and creativity to translate Transplant Awareness’ advocacy into words and visual art.

Three winners will be given cash prizes and freebies. The third placer will receive $200, and the second placer will be given $300. The grand champion will take home $500. The top prize winner’s work will be featured in Transplant Awareness’ promotional pins.

Educating millennials about organ transplant and donation

“This slogan and logo design competition is part of Transplant Awareness’ campaign to raise awareness about organ and tissue donation not just through the output from this contest but also the participants. We want the young generation to be aware and involved in this very relevant advocacy in our society today. We want college students to have the right mindset when it comes to organ transplant and donation as early as now,” said Rodney Thacker, spokesperson of Transplant Awareness.

Screening Committee

A screening committee composed of the leader-volunteers of Transplant Awareness will screen the contest entries for adherence to the theme and the organization’s advocacy before the art works go to the panel of judges.

Board of judges

The jurors who will evaluate the contest entries and choose the winning art works are composed of professional artists and designers based in Ohio.

  • Conrad Schultz (Chairman of the Board) – Head designer of the Artists for a Cause
  • Julia Crane – Visual arts professor
  • Karl Meyers – Art director, stylist, and editor
  • Lindsay Kramer – Creative consultant and freelance graphic artist
  • Robert Watsons – Fine arts instructor

Criteria for judging

The following criteria will be used for judging the entries for the Transplant Awareness Slogan and Logo Design Contest:

  • Originality – 30%
  • Creativity – 30%
  • Relevance to the contest theme – 30%
  • Message – 10%

Contest mechanics

  • The Transplant Awareness Slogan and Logo Design Contest is open to college students aged 18-25 from any university in the United States.
  • Participants may submit their entries from January 8 to 20, 2018.
  • We accept electronic submissions through email only. Please reply to this post if you are interested in joining the contest.
  • The following file formats are accepted: jpeg, png, pdf, and tiff.
  • The participant must be the creator of the entry. Plagiarized entries will result in disqualification.
  • The contestants must make sure that their entries capture the theme of the contest. Any work that deviates from the theme will result in disqualification.
  • All the entries submitted to Transplant Awareness shall become the organization’s property. Transplant Awareness reserves the right to use the winning entries in the group’s promotional assets such as pins, stickers, banners, brochures, website, and annual report.

Transplant Awareness Merchandise Promotes Organ and Tissue Donation

Transplant Awareness, a nonprofit organization that promotes organ and tissue donation in the United States, has recently launched its product catalog to boost its campaign fund drive for raising awareness on organ and tissue transplant and donation.

The product catalog features a variety of merchandise items—including stickers, pins, books, T-shirts, caps, umbrellas, and mobile phone cases—that bear witty and attention-grabbing slogans and logos about the value of organ and tissue donation.

The launch of Transplant Awareness’ product catalog is meant not only for promoting its cause but also to raise funds, the total of which will go to its programs and activities for raising organ transplant awareness.

Featured products

Here is the complete list of items that are currently available in our product catalog, which will be regularly updated to include more items from our suppliers.

  • Stickers and decals
  • T-shirts (available in both male and female sizes: extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large)
  • Sweatshirts (available in both male and female sizes: extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large)
  • Pins
  • Keychains
  • Caps
  • License plate frames
  • Ref magnets
  • Umbrellas
  • Mobile phone and tablet cases
  • Mugs
  • Wall clocks

Copies of the brochure of Transplant Awareness product catalog are available in our office in Medina, Ohio. An online brochure will be available on this site very soon.

A call for support

“We are happy to offer our merchandise to like-minded people who believe in the advocacy that we are pushing. I encourage everyone to support our initiatives and efforts to make more people aware of the value of organ donation in saving lives,” said Rodney Thacker, spokesperson of Transplant Awareness.

“This fund drive campaign is just one of the programs that Transplant Awareness implements to get the word out there that there are thousands of people suffering from serious diseases who need our help,” he added.

Made with love

For this project, Transplant Awareness partnered with Artists for a Cause, a small group of freelance graphic designers that offer their talent for a minimal cost to support worthwhile advocacies. Artists for a Cause took care of the designs used for the slogans and logos on the Transplant Awareness products.

“We are proud to be a part of this meaningful project,” says Conrad Schultz, head designer of the Artists for a Cause. “When Transplant Awareness asked us to contribute our time and talent to promoting organ and tissue donation, we said ‘yes’ right away and didn’t think twice!”

Transplant Awareness is likewise happy to partner with such a reliable and passionate team whose mission is aligned with ours. May this be a start of a fruitful professional relationship between the two groups.

Where to purchase

The Transplant Awareness merchandise items are available in both retail and bulk. They can be ordered directly from our office; just visit us to view and purchase the products. In the coming months, they will also be available for sale in specialty stores and convenience stores in Ohio. Other stores that will be carrying our promotional merchandise will also be announced later.

3 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Use Stickers to Promote Organ Donation Advocacy

Did you know that the mere use of stickers can send a strong message in support of organ transplant awareness? Stickers are an inexpensive yet effective tool that can grab people’s attention and make a worthwhile statement about the value of donating organs to those who need them.

As you are reading this, there are over a hundred thousand of patients in the United States alone who are in need of an organ for extending their lives. And about 10 minutes later, one more patient is added to the waiting list for heart, kidney, liver, or lung transplant.

People who are willing and capable to donate an organ are far fewer than those who are waiting for a transplant.

This is why there is a great need for spreading awareness across the country about how they can make a difference by donating an organ. One such tool is a sticker. You can find different sellers of stickers and other products that help promote organ donation on the internet.

Below are some of the simple ways you can support the advocacy through the use of stickers:

1.  Posting a decal on your car

Vehicles offer so much visibility because they move around in public places, which is why you can see product ads on cars, taxis, buses, and other modes of transportation. Simply placing a sticker or decal about organ donation to the body or rear window of your vehicle, which can be seen by other motorists and pedestrians, can help in promoting the cause.

2. Giving stickers away to people

Buy stickers in bulk and giving them away is the best gift that you can give to organ transplant patients. There are several creative ways to do so. For example, if you run a business, you can give away stickers as among the freebies for your customers who make a purchase from you. If you are hosting a company event, stickers can also be among your giveaways to your employees, customers, and other stakeholders. You can stick them on mugs, notebooks, bags, and other souvenir items. Your recipients will surely love them.

3. Sticking them on your mobile devices

Even without speaking a word, you can get the word out about organ donation by having stickers plastered all over your mobile devices. Do you often work in cafes? Get people to notice your advocacy with your laptop bearing a sticker.

However, if you do not like having anything sticky on your devices, you can take a picture of your sticker and use it as a screensaver and wallpaper for your laptop, desktop, or tablet. This alone will keep your colleagues intrigued about it.