Why Don’t More People Donate Organs? A Resource Guide for Organ Donation Advocates

One organ donor can already save eight lives. But not everyone is willing to become one. There is a huge disparity between the number of patients that are waiting for an organ transplant and the number of people that are willing to donate organs. No wonder, an average of 20 patients pass away each day while waiting for organ transplant. This is a sad fact, but it is a reality we have to address right away.

Why are many people reluctant to donate an organ even if it comes with plenty of benefits for both the donor and recipient? And why should you, as an organ donation advocate, should worry about this issue?

In order to effectively raise awareness on organ transplant and donation, you have to understand first the reasons a lot of people decide not to become organ donors. In doing so, you can address the concerns about organ donation, dispel the misconceptions, and convince people that it is one of the noblest things they can do as humans.

What are the causes of the lack of organ donors in America? Here are some of the reasons that explain the refusal of people and their families to donate organs.

1.  Lack of trust in doctors and hospitals

In general, people do not trust physicians and medical institutions enough to volunteer to have their organs donated. There is a misconception that doctors will not save patients who are registered organ donors.

But that is simply not true. In fact, patients who are in a state of coma or declared brain-dead go through a series of tests required by the government.

2. Lack of understanding about the need to donate an organ

People know the importance of organ donation, but only a few of them have a deep understanding of the urgency of an organ transplant. Consider this: many patients who are on the waiting list for organ transplants have only a few days or even hours to live. When their turn to receive their needed organ comes up, it might be too late already.

If only people fully understand such urgency and the huge impact their action can have on another human being, then we could see more and more people wanting to sign up for an organ donation.

3. Discomfort and hesitance to talk about death

Ask someone about his or her plans for death, and you will be answered with an incredulous or mortified reaction. Just talking about death makes people uncomfortable. A survey done among students and their families across the United States discovered the prevailing concern that planning one’s death might cause it to happen prematurely. Others are simply disgusted with the idea of obtaining an organ from a person and transplanting it to somebody else.

There are more reasons why people are hesitant about donating their or their loved one’s organs. The key takeaway here is to educate people so that their wrong pre-conceived notions about organ donations are corrected.

Real-Life Stories that will Inspire You to Become an Organ Donor

Organ donations have a real impact on the society. Donating an organ is a gift that keeps on giving. The person who receives an organ donation can lead a more meaningful life and can even help other people. As these true-to-life stories of organ recipients show, kindness can come in the form of sharing one’s organ.

First patient to have a double hand transplant now lives a full life

Four years before Chris King underwent a double hand transplant, he had an accident involving a machine at work that affected the function of his hands. Living without fully functioning hands was a difficult experience.

In mid-2017, he became the first person in the UK to receive a double hand transplant. Now, the 57-year-old man can do things as he could with his original hands. He can now hold a pen and write, form a fist, make tea, and other stuff. He described it as a fantastic gift he has ever received. King also encourages people to become a donor. “You can live your life to the fullest like I’m enjoying now,” he said.

Mother saves four lives through donating organs of son killed in an accident

Joel Anthony Suina, 6, died after a car collision in April. His mother, Antoinette, decided to donate her son’s organs, effectively saving the lives of four persons who received them.

Explaining her decision in a press conference, Joel’s mother described her son as a loving, generous kid who would want to help others. The young organ donor’s liver, kidneys, and heart went to the transplants of a four-month-old baby, a 46-year-old woman and a 52-year-old man, and an 11-year-old boy. His lungs and pancreas were also donated to an educational organization for medical research.

Organ donation transformed a patient’s life

Renee Falconer, 25, was suffering from cystic fibrosis since birth, requiring a double lung transplant even in her young age. She enjoyed a normal life until her early 20s when her health started to deteriorate. Renee shared that she could not do anything without help; even walking around in her home was an excruciating experience. By the time she was 25, Renee already needed full-time assistance and care.

It was an organ donation that totally changed her life for good. Her life-saving transplant is something she wants to pay forward to others, being thankful to the donor who saved her life. “I would encourage everyone to pledge to become an organ donor. It will be a rewarding and amazing experience; a gift that no one can ever pay back. Besides, you no longer need your organs when you die, so why don’t you give it to help someone else?” Renee said.

Indeed, donating an organ or a tissue can make a huge difference even when you no longer exist in this world. Enroll to become a donor, and your generosity will go a long way.

Saving Lives, Making a Difference: The Top Benefits of Organ Donation

Donating your organ is simply the best thing you can ever do in your lifetime. Did you know that when you donate an organ, you can save as many as eight lives? This is not an exaggeration—a large number of patients are waiting every day for an organ transplant. It is through the generosity of some people that they get to extend and improve their lives.

The benefits of organ donation are enjoyed not just by the organ recipient but also the donor and his or her family.

Are you thinking about signing up for organ donation? Here are the benefits to consider.

1.  Helping others improve the quality of life

Giving a part of yourself through organ donation can make such a huge impact on another person. A tissue transplant can help someone become relieved from pain. A cornea transplant can help someone restore their sight. A kidney, heart, or liver transplant can help someone cut costs on routine treatments for survival.

2. Consoling your family during mourning

Losing a loved one can be a harrowing period for any family. Imagine how your family will grieve in your passing. By donating your organ to someone else, your family will take comfort in the knowledge that you live on through another person. Your eye, kidney, heart, or tissue is living through someone else—and your family will be touched with and be proud of your generosity even if you are no longer around. This fact will definitely help in the grieving process.

3. You can see for yourself your impact on others

That is, if you choose to become a living donor. You can meet and visit your organ recipient and his or her family who will be surely thankful for your kind gesture. It is both a heartwarming and humbling experience. You will find meaning in your life, knowing that another human being got a second lease on life because of your generosity.

Before you enroll to become a living organ donor, consider the limitations for donation. It is possible to make a living donation only for organs such as parts of the liver, one kidney, and a part of the pancreas.

4. You can save lives without a cost

Becoming an organ donor will not burden you with costs related to the surgical operation. All the expenses will be shouldered by the transplant center and the recipient.

5. You will have a crucial contribution to medical research

When you opt to donate your entire body, the parts that are not used for transplantation can be repurposed for medical research, which can help future organ transplant patients.

6. It is a great way to leave a legacy in this world

Make a valuable and lasting impact even after you are gone through organ donation. Who knows, your organ recipient might be the future leader of the country or become a philanthropist who will pay it forward?

How to Get Rid of Ringworm

How to Get Rid of Ringworm Fast

Ever had a red itchy ring patch on your skin before? Chances are, it could have been a ringworm. Now, there a misconception about ringworms. Ringworms are commonly linked to worms. That’s a misconception. A Ringworm is actually a fungal infection.

The good thing is, ringworm can easily be treated and not life threatening. One should know how to get rid of ringworm. Though easy to treat, it can still pack a punch and can leave severe scarring if left untreated. Here’s what you need to know about ringworm, prevention from acquiring it and treatment.

Ringworm Is One of the Most Common Fungal Infections

Ringworm Is One of the Most Common Fungal Infections

For one to understand how to prevent from having and treating ringworm, one must first know what it actually is. Ringworm is one of the most common fungal infections. Its symptoms involve one having ring-shaped rashes. The ring can spread and is contagious.

It can be acquired from being in contact with the fungi. It can either be acquired from soil, public swimming pools, borrowing someone else’s clothes, etc. They can also be acquired from pets. Dogs and cats can have ringworms and humans can easily acquire it from them.

Prevention from Getting Any Ringworm

If you come in contact with any animal, prevention from getting any ringworm can be done by washing your hands after. Don’t worry about your pet. When you have pets, prevention from getting any ringworm can be done by making sure its living area is clean and disinfected.

Ringworm can also appear on your scalp. Use shampoo on a daily or regular basis. Shampoo works to not only keep your hair clean but also your scalp. If anyone is infected with any ringworm, avoid them until they get rid of the ringworm.

Especially if you have a weak immune system. Prevention from getting any ringworm is important if you have a weaker immune system because treatments may not work fast. Remedies may always be available but try and do ways to prevent yourself from having ringworm. Prevention is better than cure after all.

How to Get Rid of Ringworm

How to Get Rid of Ringworm

Luckily, it can be easy to treat ringworm. The best prescription is skin medication. The right cream or medicine can help you get rid of ringworm in a matter of days or few weeks. Ringworm is naturally highly contagious and it is important to learn how to get rid of ringworm and prevent yourself from having it.

When you notice a ringworm beginning to develop, use medical treatment immediately to get rid of the fungus instantly. Don’t wait for it to get worse. If it gets severe and common skin treatments don’t work, go see your doctor. The doctor can give you some antifungal pills that are excellent against the infection.

There are a lot of myths about ringworm. Remember that ringworms are fungal infections and can easily be treated. Hopefully, this article helped you out with knowing more about ringworm. Now that you understand more about ringworm, be sure to let other people know about how to prevent themselves from having any.

Also, treatment of the ringworm. Apply what you learned and you won’t have any trouble anymore with ringworms. Lastly, get the best ringworm treatment today. Go and live life fearless of ringworm.

Sheepskin for Babies Benefits

Take Advantage of Using a Sheepskin Baby Rug

Giving your baby utmost comfort as they sleep is number one priority, given that a good comforter such as a sheepskin baby rug can give babies a restful sleep. In turn, this can make your baby happy, and a happy baby means a happy mommy (or daddy) because you will be able to provide your child with the best comfort that you can give.

A sheepskin baby rug works similar to medical sheepskin bed pads, and the benefits of sheepskin fleece for babies becomes apparent as you see your baby sleeping on sheepskin. If you want to give your child sheepskin for babies benefits, then buying a sheepskin baby rug can surely help you do the trick.

How a Sheepskin Baby Rug Is Similar to Medical Sheepskin Bed Pads

How a Sheepskin Baby Rug Is Similar to Medical Sheepskin Bed Pads

Medical sheepskin bed pads have been used extensively by many people who have family members or patients who have limited to no mobility. Products such as medical sheepskin bed pads or rugs made from sheepskins do not only give comfort to patients due to their insulating properties, but medical sheepskin bed pads also protect users from bed sores and other related complications.

With this in mind, a sheepskin baby rug can also do the same for your child, and it’s high and about time to use one.

Giving Comfort to Your Baby Sleeping on Sheepskin

Using a good quality sheepskin baby rug for your child can help you take care of them better, given that this natural product made from lambskin or wool can keep your infant warm especially if the environment is cold.

Also, the coverage area for insulating your infant is wider compared to other comforters, maximizing the comfort it can give to your baby sleeping on sheepskin. As you see the comfort of your baby sleeping on sheepskin, you will eventually realize the sheepskin for babies benefits.

In turn, this will make you want to keep seeing your baby sleeping on sheepskin as this can give you an assurance your infant is comfortable sleeping on lambskin rugs.

Sheepskin for Babies Benefits

Using sheepskin for babies benefits not only the child but the parents as well. Sheepskin for babies benefits both the parent and the baby because as mentioned earlier, a happy baby keeps the mommy and daddy happy. As the sheepskin for babies benefits become apparent, it pays to know what these benefits are. These benefits include:

1. This wool is eco-friendly and is soft to sleep in.
2. It has the same benefits as medical sheepskin bed pads.
3. It can keep your infant warm or insulated.

Sheepskin for Babies Benefits

Get the Most out of Sheepskin Rugs

Using sheepskin rugs on your infant’s bed can provide your baby maximum comfort, in addition to several benefits that one can get due to the natural properties of this tanned and premium quality product. These products are safe to use, given that these are hypoallergenic.

Besides, using these rugs is not limited to your child’s bed, as you can also use it on strollers, and other items to give your child the perfect comfort. Keep your baby warm and cozy, buy sheepskin rugs and enjoy the benefits from it.

Get in Shape by Starting a Kettlebell Workout

Health and fitness are two concepts which always go together, given that your level of fitness can play a major role in your overall health and wellness. With the plethora of workouts being hyped on social media, only a few of these workouts work well in training men and women to burn fat and build muscle effectively.

An example of such are kettlebell workout routines for beginners, which do not only promote weight loss, it enhances your total physique as well. Kettlebell exercises for weight loss and kettlebell exercises for abs and arms from the best kettlebell guide are examples of such kettlebell workout routines for beginners, so it is imperative that you begin using kettlebells to get full results and to get lean in no time.

kettlebell workout routines for beginners

Reasons to Follow Kettlebell Workout Routines for Beginners

A kettlebell workout routine offers many benefits to a person especially when a man or a woman begins sticking to one. A total kettlebell workout routine offers full body sculpting benefits because of how versatile a kettlebell workout is in keeping you in shape. Following a kettlebell workout routine not only helps you build muscles and strength, but it also helps you enhance your cardiovascular endurance.

In turn, this can give your body the full benefits of exercising each part, from the muscles down to internal organs (think heart and lungs) which can consequently improve your overall health. So, following kettlebell workout routines for beginners can be very beneficial for you, especially if you have little to no idea on how to do a kettlebell workout.

Start with Kettlebell Exercises for Weight Loss to Shed Fat

For starters, kettlebell exercises for weight loss should be your priority as you embark on your kettlebell workout journey. This is because, as much as you want to proceed immediately with kettlebell exercises for abs and arms, your muscles in these areas won’t show unless you shed the unwanted fat first.

Kettlebell exercises for weight loss can offer this effect, given that these workouts are focused more on cardiovascular exercises which burn fat while subtly building muscle stamina in various parts like your shoulders and legs. You can take classes or for kettlebell workouts at your local gym or just watch Youtube videos so that you can learn the proper forms involved in kettlebell exercises for weight loss.

kettlebell exercises for weight loss

Proceed with Kettlebell Exercises for Abs and Arms and Other Toning Exercises

After shedding that unwanted fat, toning your muscles should come next. Most people make the mistake of not stepping up their kettlebell workouts and just maintain their routine, resulting to a performance plateau, which can eventually lead to weight gain in the future.

The key to successfully getting the most out of any exercise is to keep looking for ways to make your body adjust to it, meaning, variations can help you maintain a fine physique. If you want to get the most our of your exercises, see to it that you are performing each kettlebell exercise in proper form. Doing so can help you prevent injuries while achieving the best physique you are aiming for.

The Benefits of In-Home Care Aid: The Reason Why Hiring a Home Health Care Services Expert Is a Great Choice for You and Your Family

Have a senior family member’s mental health and memory been deteriorating and the elderly is now in need of professional health care? Do you have a relative in your house who has just gone out of a major surgery and whose recovery period is expected to take quite some time?

Then you and your whole family must be going through some significant adjustments and changes in lifestyle. Your daily living must be affected by these new circumstances in the household.

It must be a considerable challenge not only for your ailing elderly relative or the recovering family member but also for the rest of you who take on the role of taking care of them and watch them go through pains from time to time. Your personal life, schedule and work must be affected too.

Perhaps what you need right now is help and assistance from professional home health care services by Partners for Home who can send you skilled health care specialists whose expertise will be best fitting for the needs of your family and household.

getting professional aid and assistance from a home health care services provider

Why Getting Professional Aid and Assistance from a Home Health Care Services Provider Can Unload Your Stresses and Worries over Properly Caring for an Ailing Elderly Family Member or a Relative Recovering from an Operation

Home health care services professionals are highly trained and skilled in the field to be able to help those in need of their special health care and attention. They are at the disposal of the community to be of assistance to families who are going through a tough time with a relative whose health is a major concern for everyone else in the household.

You have other obligations particularly at work which you cannot abandon so that you can care for your grandparent or an ailing auntie. In fact, you will be able to better care and provide for them and the family if you will carry on with work and employment as normal.

This is the reason why getting professional aid and assistance from a home health care services provider can help you unburden your worries and stresses.

Home health care services professionals will be more efficient on than job than you can. In addition, they are experts in home health care that they will know the actual proper techniques and methods to be employed accordingly depending on the situation and conditions of the family member in need of special health care.

You will be relieved of the stresses and worries that you may be doing the tasks of caring for your relatives in the wrong manner or that you may be handling them in an unhealthful and unsafe way and hence putting them more at risk.

The Reason Why Hiring a Home Health Care Services Expert Is a Great Choice for You and Your Family

Why Home Health Care Services Will Be Beneficial to You and Your Family

In-home health care assistance can be highly customizable to suit the different and unique individual needs of your family and your household. The home health care services provider of your choice will tailor fit the health care program and plans for your sick or elderly relative as well as adjust to your schedule and house rules and guidelines, and specific instructions for watching over your loved one.

Finally, these health care services will save so much time, efforts and even money as you will not have to place your loved ones in a nursing home but instead they can still live with the rest of the family while getting the proper health care which they need and deserve.

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Becoming an Organ Donor: What to Consider and How to Register

In the United States alone, more than a hundred thousand patients are in need of an organ transplant. And 20 people on average die while waiting for an organ transplant. Did you know that by signing up as an organ donor, you can make a huge difference in someone’s life? After your death, some eight people (or as many as 50 patients) will be saved, thanks to your organ and tissue donation.

Deciding to become an organ donor is a serious undertaking, though. It is something that you must give much careful thought because it is your body and you alone are responsible for it. Here is a guide to help you make the best decision and learn how to proceed should you choose to become an organ donor.

Consider the pros and cons

Learn as much as you can about organ donation and transplant before you make a decision. Ask plenty of questions. The transplant center can help you completely understand what the surgery involves and how the procedure can impact your health both in the short term and long term. Contact an independent donor advocacy organization like Transplant Awareness who will assist you in protecting your health rights.

Educating yourself about the benefits and risks of donating an organ or a tissue will help you make an informed decision.

Greater need for organ donations from ethnic minorities

Do you belong to an ethnic minority? Know that you will make a great organ donor because there is a huge demand for minority organ donations, mainly because some blood types are more widespread in the ethnic minority groups than whites.

Another fact to consider is that the following minority groups have a higher chance to suffer from chronic illnesses that cause damage to major organs like the heart, kidneys, liver, pancreas, and lung:

  • Native Americans
  • African-Americans
  • Hispanics
  • Asians
  • Pacific Islanders

Be firm about your decision

Keep in mind that choosing whether to donate an organ or not is a decision that you alone can make because it will have an impact on your body and the quality of your life. Nobody should dictate about the decisions you make for yourself, unless you are below 18 years old (in such a case, parental consent is required).

How to register as an organ donor

You can donate an organ while you’re alive or after death. If you decide to be a living donor, contact a transplant center in your locality, and the staff will aid you in finding a patient who needs a transplant. Alternatively, you can coordinate with the transplant team that is in charge of treating your family or friend who needs a transplant.

If you prefer to donate an organ or tissue after death, you can do one of the following:

  • Fill out, sign, and carry an organ donor card, which can be downloaded online. You can also get an organ donor card from your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles when you renew or apply for a driver’s license.
  • Enroll in your state donor registry.

Let your intention to donate organ be known to others

Tell your family, friends, lawyer, church/ministry/religious leader, and healthcare provider about your plan to donate your organ after death.

How To Find A Reputable Cardiologist Near You

When it pertains to something as crucial as the heart, individual rapport is nearly as crucial as credentials. When you first fulfill a cardiologist, be attentive to his or her determination to respond to questions and, just as crucial, ability to provide responses in easy-to-understand terms.

Comparing notes with friends, family members, and colleagues is a good way to start. However even if you have a referral from a medical professional or a friend, it is necessary to do your very own research study and find a cardiologist who’s right for you. Here are some essential aspects to keep in mind.

In addition to their standard medical credentials, cardiologists are likewise certified in different subspecialties that may be necessary to consider because of your condition. A lot of hospitals supply searchable online staff directory sites that note credentials and you can also consult your state’s medical board.

These state databases generally list a physician’s medical school, training health center, certifications, and specialties, along with any malpractice settlements and other disciplinary history. Another credential to watch out for is Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. This is a chosen fellowship to the leading expert society for heart experts in the United States often based on achievement and peer suggestions.

The general quality of and track record for cardiac care of the health center where they practice is often a good standard for cardiologists. A number of health center score services, such as the one used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Solutions, supply statistics on heart care. A cardiologist’s level of experience is vital, specifically when it comes to a specific technology or procedure. Don’t hesitate to ask a doctor the number of times he or she has performed a surgery that you may be a candidate for.

The majority of clients see a cardiologist like Your Heart House: An Approach To Precision Medicine for the first time after a referral from an internist or family doctor. It can be disturbing even to recognize you require a heart professional. The process of changing cardiologists after a disappointment, or looking for one by yourself, can be much more intimidating. If you think you are a candidate for visiting a cardiologist regarding your heart issues it is high advisable that you do not wait to maximize your chances of preventing a major health event.

lean beef is the best source of protein for your bodybuilding diet

The Foods to Include in Your Muscle Building Diet

Gaining muscle is not only about long hours of weight training and other rigorous exercises and workouts in the gym but it also requires getting the right nourishment through a good muscle building diet.

the best muscle building diet

Muscle Building Diet Plan: Increase in Your Calorie Intake

A good muscle building diet should include the increase in your calorie intake, i.e., in order to gain muscle mass you should take eat more calories than you how much you burn on a daily basis. However, you have to be extra careful with what you fuel your body with because you have to manage the process of gaining muscle. This means that you need to facilitate what you eat so that you do not add fats along with building muscle mass.

You may also choose to add dietary supplements such as Somatodrol to your muscle building diet plan.

Muscle Building Diet Plan: Proper Timing of When You Eat

Meal timing is also another consideration to factor in your muscle building diet plan. It is important to note that proper timing of when you eat plays a major role in controlling your body fat levels.

If you are trying to gain muscle mass, you should increase in your calorie- and protein-enrich food intake during breakfast and after your weight training and other rigorous exercises and workouts.

The reason for this is because you are depleted in nutrition when you wake up in the morning after long hours of sleep and because post-workout, you will need replenishment to regain your muscle strengths and the energies which you consumed during your muscle building training. Both are a part of your recovery process from depletion of nourishment.

lean beef is the best source of protein for your bodybuilding diet

The Superfoods to Include in Your Muscle Building Diet Plan

Tuna and Other Fish Meats

Tuna and other fish meats are heavy in protein and low in fat but also high in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary because they help in ridding your bodily systems of unwanted bad kinds of fat. They also aid in speeding up the metabolism process.


Eggs provide the most amount of protein that is essential to gain muscle mass. You can eat as many as you want and eggs will still not be harmful to your health.

Lean Beef

Lean beef contain nutrients that are highly conducive for you to gain muscle mass, namely, zinc, iron and vitamin B. It is also rich in amino acids which are also responsible for promoting muscle growth. So if you are ever craving for meat and your cravings cannot be satisfied with fish meats, go for the leaner cuts of beef instead of the rather tempting fatty regions. After all, the former is just as sumptuous.

Fruits and Green and Leafy Vegetables

These will be you major sourced of antioxidants to keep your immune system generally healthy. They also help in proper digestion and in turn, in good metabolism process.


Oatmeal must be your go-to food when you experience untimely hunger pangs and craving because oatmeal helps curb this feelings of hunger and help satisfy your appetite fast.

Oatmeal is also a great source of carbohydrates which you need for great performance during weight training and muscle building exercises and workouts.