Transplant Awareness is a nonprofit organization founded in 2005 and managed by volunteers in Medina, Ohio who are all organ transplant recipients that promote organ donation. By increasing awareness among the public, it is our hope that our efforts will result in more organs being donated and more lives being saved and prolonged in the manner that our lives were.

This online newsmagazine, which started in early 2017, is one of our communication tools for fulfilling our mission to spread factual information and encourage participation and involvement in the organ and tissue transplant/donation community. Through this invaluable tool, we are able to reach out to and spark fruitful discussion with transplant patients and their family, donor families, caregivers, generous would-be organ donors, and other groups with the same advocacy as ours all over the United States.

On this site, you will find everything you need to know about organ and tissue donation—what it involves, what is true and what is not, how it has transformed lives, how people can help in this worthy cause, and many others.

We also feature inspiring stories about transplant patients who benefitted from organ donations and are now making a positive change themselves in the community.