How to Deal with Peripheral Neuropathy Caused by Diabetes

Peripheral neuropathy affects both the hands and the feet causing a painful, tingling, and numb sensation.

Diabetes peripheral neuropathy affects the hands and the feet but mostly make more damages in the feet. The patient will feel a lot of discomfort in his daily activities.

Medications, of course, ease the pain. But studies show that the relief can only be up to 50 percent of it. There is a way, though, to relieve pain by preventing the illness to worsen.

How to Deal with Peripheral Neuropathy Caused by Diabetes

Blood Sugar Control

Not managing the sugar level of your blood is guaranteed to worsen your diabetes. The rise in your blood sugar level will damage your peripheral nerves.

This is the common scenario of patients having neuropathy caused by diabetes.

Physicians always advise and assure that normal level of the blood sugar will not impede the progress of diabetes but will also ease the pain in the areas it has affected.

Also, it will minimize the damage it can do to your peripheral nerves as long as you sustain it.

The very first step to making your blood sugar in check is talking to your doctor.

Of course, other methods to ensure that your blood sugar is kept in their normal level is proper nutrition, keeping healthy body weight, stress management, regular exercise, and keeping your prescribed medication.

Take Vitamin D

When there is sunlight, your skin produces Vitamin D to serve its purposes. One the vitamin D’s functions are blocking the nerve pains.

According to studies, higher levels of vitamin D in the body helps relieve the pain caused by peripheral damages and they also keep your skin healthy as long as there is no excessive exposure to sunlight.

Although Vitamin D can be found in many foods, relying on food intake alone may be insufficient.

There are Vitamin D supplements available especially for those who have neuropathy.

It has been observed that constant taking of the supplement relieved patients of some symptoms after a couple of months.

However, you need to always consult your doctor before taking in any supplement as they may counter other medications prescribed to you by your doctor.


Exercising has its own way of combating pain. While regular exercise keeps the level of blood sugar, it also impedes nerve damages by allowing more blood to flow to the hands and feet.

Also, it relieves the patient of some discomfort and lowers his stress level.

Many studies support the claims that regular exercise helps ease the pain that a person with diabetic neuropathy may feel in his regular activities.

It helps him function more by doing his regular activities free of any pain or discomfort.

Easing the Pains of Diabetic Neuropathy

Have a Warm Bath

A warm bath always helps the body relax. It provides relaxation by managing the temperature of your body while boosting blood circulation throughout your body.

It sure provides instant relief especially to the area where the pain is centered.

But since that area may lack the normal sensation due to nerve damage, you should always check the water temperature before soaking your body in the bath.

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